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Experience the difference David Keesee's League has to offer


The DK League. You know you've got what it takes. That's why you got into this business. And with the changing market conditions, sales are tightening all over the country. But that doesn't mean you can't win. That doesn't mean you can't create the business and life you want for yourself. 

David created this program specifically for you to get the knowledge and guidance you need and to stay ahead of the curve with what's working and how to grow your business in today's market. 

David has dedicated his entire career to helping agents just like you beat the odds and find a way. And now he wants to help you.

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DK Unit gives agents the opportunity to work in a unit with other top agents and learn directly from one of David's lead trainers and coaches. This program is GREAT for learning the systems, structure, and accountability that David teaches inside the program. Inside your DK unit, you will get weekly mentorship, accountability, and coaching along with a small group of your peers from different markets to amplify your results. In addition, you get complimentary experiences at David's in-person events along with many other bonuses. 

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The Legends. This is our elite coaching program where we help Real Estate professionals perform & produce at higher levels in their business & life.

This means helping you make more sales, and increase your production while living a life you love.

The program comes with world-class support from David & his Team, frameworks for high performance and production, sales, and skill development, team building, and much more! In addition to the world-class curriculum, the program includes weekly one-on-one coaching calls with a mentor. 

This program is designed to coach you and guide you in every aspect of your business & life, so it's perfect for beginners, intermediate, and advanced alike. 

If you feel this program could help your business, you can...

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The Platinum Players Mentorship. For those looking to work directly one on one with David, this program is for you. Platinum Players not only includes all of David's training, events, and programs but also offers weekly mentorship and coaching with David himself, one on one, as well as 2 in-person meetings per year with David.

This is David's highest level of contribution. You'll meet exclusively 2 x's a year with David & others of the Platinum Players group. 

Platinum Players Mentorship is perfect for those that want FAST real results. It's also perfect for those that want to go right to the top and get personal guidance from David himself. 

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