Millionaire Sales & Marketing Training For The Modern Real Estate Agent 




Learn advanced strategies for selling and marketing your business to have a more profitable, productive and exceptional business. Get in-depth training from David Keesee in this one-time only offer!

Finally - proven strategies to master sales, marketing, influence, communication and productivity in your business and life.

This isn't a hype-up session or therapy session. 

This is about giving you proven practical influence tools and powers...about giving you REAL tools, mindsets, skills, strategies and habits to make an instant change for starting NOW.

This is science-backed, battle tested strategies and tools for excelling in Real Estate sales.

David's goal is to help you become more influential with your strategies and your language so that you can get MORE RESULTS with less effort.

David teaches the entire course to you personally, leveraging the latest breakthroughs that have the biggest IMPACT on your sales and income. 



There's a reason why Sales Impact Academy Students come back time and time again. The event delivers. No fluff, no B.S. Just straight to the point sales & marketing strategies to take your business as far as you want!

Proven Frameworks

For every aspect of your business. You'll never have to wonder again what you should be to generate business. This is plug and play and win!

Proven Dialogues

Learn exactly what to say and...HOW to say it so that you become a sales Jedi that is influential in any situation.

Inside Secrets

What are top producers doing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to generate so many motivated leads into their business? It's all here at the event.

"I've gotten more out of 1 day at this event that all the other events I've been to in the past. And I've been to ALL of them!"

-Dexter Putnam, Keller Williams Atlanta

"David is the Real Deal. He's the front line when it comes to teaching agents how to sell and market."

-Joy Reznick- Aviara Real Estate 

Join The Industries Most In Depth Sales & Marketing Event



For the last decade, David has been inspiring, training and coaching agents, brokers and team leaders to higher levels of production and income. He is the Founder and CEO of Find A Way Agent. He's done over 3,000 coaching sessions and trained over 30,000 Real Estate Professionals to higher levels of performance, purpose and production. With his proven philosophies, he continues to share advice on how to achieve in more in your business & life with thousands of Real Estate Experts every year. In these trainings he has been able to help his clients grow from an average of $61,594 a year to over $674,332 a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! If at the end of the first day of the event, you don't feel that you can use the strategies and insights you are getting to improve your business, simply turn in your materials to our staff and we will issue you a full refund no questions asked.

If you know you want to attend, it's always better to sign up sooner rather than later to receive special bonuses and discounts. 

Bring a jacket (room gets kinda cool occasionally) and a positive ready to take action attitude!

100% Yes! Every Sales Impact Academy is different because it is always being updated with the latest, most relevant and effective strategies in our industry. Plus, if you liked the SIA course, you'll LOVE experiencing it LIVE with other top agents from around the country!

Every Sales Impact Academy is different because it is always being updated with the latest, most relevant and effective strategies in our industry. If you have already attended before, make sure you come back for updated strategies and to master the ideas you've already heard.

Sales Impact Academy is unlike any event you've been to. Coach David teaches sales and marketing for today's Real Estate agents in a way that is different, cutting edge and easy to understand and implement. 

If you want to make more sales, more money with less effort and have more freedom and leverage, then this event is a MUST attend. 

Both! There will be some fundamentals we go over as well as advanced strategies to implement into your business. Our promise is this, no matter where you are in your business, you will learn sales and marketing in a way that you never have before to make your business more streamlined and inspiring. 

Join The Industries Most In Depth Sales & Marketing Event


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