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"David's not like any other coach. In our first 2 months, we 4X'd our business from $30K in GCI per month to over $200K in GCI per month."

Joey Bergandi- Owner of Velocity Realty 

"David is hands down my favorite coach. I've never stayed with a coach longer than 3 months and I've been with him for 2 years and counting!"

Gabe Mendez- EXP Realty Team Leader

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Our secret sauce in creating top producers lies in doing the REAL work for an agent to go from good to #1 in their market by teaching and helping them master the skills, strategy, and structure that allow everything they do to work and quantum leap. 

We help our clients master influence, sales, and leadership-driven moves, to scale their businesses fast, recruit & hire A-Players, and set up systems to get them scaling their businesses fast.

67% of our clients go from 6 figures a year to 6 figures a month within the first 90 days of working with us.


#1 Sales & Marketing Skills

The fastest way to scale your business is through a series of strong powerful conversations. Being a master of communication allows you to find more leads, set more apts, get more contracts signed and inspire and lead your team to consistent victory. Without it, you will remain stuck. ALL top producers have mastered influence.

#2 Business Strategy

 The decisions you make as an agent shape the direction of your business. Our program helps you make solid, confident decisions so that your business is always moving on an upward trend. While other agents struggle to find business, you are staying ahead of the market and capitalizing. 

#3 Mind Hack Conditioning

The speed of the business moves at the speed of the leader. Having the ability to change your perspective, stay in a good place mentally, and out-think your competition is the number 1 driver of becoming a top producer. In order to become more, you will need new ways of thinking that allow you to naturally quantum leap your business.

#4 Proven systems

1 of the biggest mistakes we see agents make is that they stay in hustler mode and don't know how to step into a CEO role in their business. They become the bottleneck of their business on the real estate roller coaster from hell.  The name of the game is not to compete and do what others are doing. It's to build a new model that makes the old models obsolete

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