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How Kimberly absolutely blasted through the market conditions and broke all her sales records!


How Michael Made His Business Fun Again While Getting to 6 Figures A Month

How "Focus" and Simplicity Got Sonya's Business To 6 Figures a Month


How Deven exploded his production through discipline and a solid plan

How Melissa Created an Amazing Culture & Scaled Her Business


How George Reached Find A Way Champion Status Having His Best Month Ever!

How Darren busted through his glass ceiling and had his best months ever in Real Estate


How Kris strengthened his mindset to create a powerful 6 figure per month business in January

How Tim grew his business from 19 deals a year to over 400!


How Steve &Karen beat the odds, started converting more leads and grew their business exponentially in 4 months

How Dore grew her business to have multiple 6 figure months in the last year!


How Noah mastered the Time Management game to reach his 6 figure month

How Danny changed the game, expanded his service to his clients & skyrocketed his business


How Cindi earned more business and provide more value for her clients on the road to her 6 figure month

How Craig reached his 6 figure month not once but twice by thinking about his business differently!

"The fastest growth we've ever had was when we joined David's program. We skyrocketed our GCI from $30K averag a month to $217K."

-Joey Bergandi- Velocity Real Estate

"I got involved with David to sharpen and raise my skill sets around selling. Not only did I start taking 8 listings a month, but I've also been able to radically expand my team bigger than it's ever been."

-Gabe Mendez- Exp Real Estate

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