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High-Performance Psychology

Learn a new more effective way of thinking about your sales, marketing, and business and how to scale it. Unlock next-level performance by becoming the master of your mind.

David's Famous Modern Sales Process*

Get access to David's legendary "Modern Sales Process"* - The only sales & marketing process you'll ever need to skyrocket your sales predictably. Discover the exact sales process to go from 6 figures a year to 6 figures a month! Master the art and science of influence and persuasion to get motivated buyers and sellers ringing your phone, responding to your marketing, and saying yes to you for appointments!

NLP Influential Language Patterns

Raise your communication and influence skill sets to become unstoppable at closing the sale. This aspect of the program will not just have an impact on your business, but your life and relationships as well!

Modern Marketing Strategies

Ramp up every aspect of your marketing with innovations that will reshape the landscape of your business. Learn the most relevant & effective ways to generate leads in today's stream economy. 

Go from 6 Figures a Year to 6 Figures a Month in Commissions in the Next 90 Days...

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If after attending the first full month of Sales Impact Academy, you do not feel you have received $100,000  worth of value to create exponential growth in your sales and business, simply let us know and we will send you a full refund for the program.