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Let’s take this chapter for our businesses and lives to step up and rise to the occasion. To continue to pave the path in the face of fear, uncertainty, and chaos. Let’s extend this transformation and growth we are committed to for empowering others, lifting others up and helping them find a way to win in their businesses and lives as well. Whether our aspirations lie in excelling professionally, rekindling profound connections, or unleashing our authentic selves, the immersive virtual experiences, personalized mentoring, and transformative educational frameworks we are committed to bringing you are designed to bridge the gap between your current position and the horizons we wish to conquer. Let’s resolve to find a way.


David's programs are transformational and designed to bring about instant & permanent shifts in the quality of your business & life— These shifts are the direct cause of a new and unique kind of teaching and guidance that you are exposed to when you enter the student relationship with David Keesee. They give you the power and freedom to be more influential and effective in your business and life. When you learn and master the techniques at that David teaches, everything you do gets massive results.




"The fastest growth we've ever had was when we joined David's program. We skyrocketed our GCI from $30K average a month to $217K."

-Joey Bergandi- Velocity Real Estate

"I got involved with David to sharpen and raise my skill sets around selling. Not only did I start taking 8 listings a month, but I've also been able to radically expand my team bigger than it's ever been."

-Gabe Mendez- Exp Real Estate

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PROGRAMS with David

Sales Impact Academy

Join David Keesee and his master coaches as they share their sales models, audience growth strategies, social media campaigns, and modern influence and persuasion strategies for generating more motivated leads, converting leads into appointments, and getting more contracts signed

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The Camp

Grow your business by 12X in the next 3-6 months

The Real Estate industry has changed rapidly and agents that don't keep up risk being left behind. At The Camp, you will learn the tools and strategies to turn this time of change into an opportunity for expansion and growth. Learn the critical factors hindering your business, turn market changes into opportunities, create a vision for your business, and gain strategies and tools for growth. Don't just survive, thrive with The Camp 3-day live immersion and year-long curriculum led by David and experts in all aspects of your business.

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Velocity is 5 days, 1 hour per day, virtual event with practical execution every step of the way – covering: Content creation and distribution (you will create your own content there) How to produce influential videos that generate hot leads (Easy to implement frameworks for you to copy)How to set up your Facebook ads video funnel How to power sell ethically (get customers closing themselves)

Performance psychology, mindset conditioning, and removing stress and obstacles around making money (acquire the mindset required for success)

Velocity is not a casual training or retreat, you will work hard and get stuff done!

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