Helping People Win More

In Business. In Life.

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International Best Seller in 11 Catagories!

Helping People Win More

In Business. In Life. 

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International Bestseller in 11 Categories!


David Keesee is a transformational business strategist and high-performance coach for business owners who want to go to the next level in their business and life. 

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Life Performance

David is an authority on the methods, tools, techniques,
and assessment systems that improve awareness and identity,
developing talents and potential to enhance the quality of life and
contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

Business Performance

David will provide you the tools, strategies, and tactics for you to create massive business growth and overcome any obstacles
you may be encountering on your journey. Build a business you love working with people you love!


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With David Keesee

Sales Impact Academy


The Sales Impact Academy program will help you master the art and science of influencing and impacting your customers in a way that makes a big difference to those you serve as well as exponentially growing your business. then refocus and realign with the sales strategies and psychology you need for competing in any economy. It’s no secret that successful businesses are those you can provide value and create sales on demand.

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The Camp 


Condition your mind and skill sets Performance, Persuade, Produce, and Profit

Why do some people succeed at levels beyond their imagination, while others struggle? It comes down to how they manage their 3 great weapons- The mind, their skill sets and their structure. Think about it. If you can’t master your mind, if you don’t have communication skills,  and your ability to get things done, is weak or underperforming then you’re stuck in a place of ‘good’ or mediocrity. But for those who master those things, they become unstoppable on the journey of achieving their goals. At The Camp,  David Keesee, the world’s most effective high performance sales trainers, coaches & mentors, trains you every in an intimate small group environment to unleash your talent and potential, stay on your A game, and live a life of zero barriers

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By David Keesee

Find A Way

High-Performance Secrets For Winning In Business & Life

Unlock the Find A Way Code and access a power within you to become an unstoppable force. What if you could unlock your true potential, achieve any goal, and outperform your competition? Former professional athlete and successful entrepreneur David Keesee became obsessed with answering this question.

After decades of battle-tested experience and front-line research, Keesee has uncovered the secrets to how champions of their industry move from amateur to professional to champion.

Over the past decade, David Keesee has worked with thousands of high achievers-peak performers, business owners, military personnel, and professional athletes-to help them perform at extremely high levels and become unmatched in their professions.

And now you have the opportunity to learn the same tools, strategies, and approaches of the elite-to apply the success principles that work, no matter the circumstances.

Find A Way is not just an expression. It's a series of success principles and mindset secrets for champions. It is a way of life and business that takes you from who you are now to the person you need to be if you're going to reach the goals you've set.

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