Stop letting the circumstances hold you back in your business and life and find a way to win today! ONLY A FEW COPIES LEFT!

What can I help you master?

Running and profitable team is one of the most demanding and challenging things to do in business. Especially in this market! When my team leader clients use our proven systems and install them into their production, they see immediate explosive results. As hard as it is to believe, many of them 10X their production within 30 days without lifting a finger! The reason is that making a couple of monumental shifts and effectively influencing as a leader is one of the most highly leveraged things you can do to grow your business.

Selling is the most crucial of business skills and the one that is not taught efficiently in today's marketplace. Selling is not convincing people to do things they don’t want or can't afford to do. Selling is influence, and influence is the opposite of convincing. Convincing is attempting to get someone to do something you desire them to do for your reasons. Influence is helping someone make a decision they already want to make for their own reasons. As professionals, selling should be a simple process and a great experience for the people we serve...if we're good at it. I teach people to understand the sales process, and radically enhance their skills so they can effortlessly sell to people who are happy to say 'Yes!"

The term mindset is so played out. And for good reason. It's because mindset by itself is a nice buzzword...but it's not enough. There's simply no one in the industry that can shift and transform you as a player in the game of business and life the we are going to here. In fact, many times, it is transformational deep counseling that my clients receive that allows 67% of them to take their average income from 6 figures a year to 6 figures a month without working more.

Work with David

What's it like to work with David?

David is one of the most transformational coaches. He's helped me so much from making big key business moves and decisions to helping my agents dominate the marketplace. 

-Melissa Sofia- Broker/Owner/Entrepreneur 

Underneath the David Keesee banner, I've been able to lock in multiple $100K GCI months. No one elses teachings can rival the David Keesee systems and processes.

-Deven Ortiz- REAL Real Estate

Under David's coaching and training, I have been able to go from a single agent doing 9 deals a year to now doing over 300 transactions a year while running multiple different businesses.

-Tim Sout- Broker/Owner/Entrepreneur 

Work with David

Stop letting the circumstances hold you back in your business and life and find a way to win today! ONLY A FEW COPIES LEFT!