How a modest boy from
Florida became a top 1% producer in sports, business & life

It’s Oct 11, 2006. I retired from professional sports. It was the toughest day of my life. Lost and confused, I wondered... "Now what?" 







David Keesee is...…




Who Does David Coach?

Elite Business Owners

"He's helped me make a very successful business for myself and a much better financial future." 

—Tim Stout, Real Estate Agent, Investor & Coach

Pro Athletes

"David gave me the unfair advantage on the field by helping me master my approach and mindset."

—Tyrone Taylor, Milwaukee Brewers

United States Military 

"A large part of my mental toughness comes from the years of working with David. He's more than a coach, he's a mentor. He's a brother."

—Austin Aldrich, USMC

Who Is David Keesee?

David Keesee can remember the moment that he decided he was going to become a professional baseball player, and even though he was hit by a car and died when he was eight, he didn’t let that stop him.

The defining moment before his career took off left him with a fractured wrist and being called a damaged goods. Again, David Keesee didn’t give up.

After his career as a professional baseball player, Keesee found himself suicidal, depressed, and massively in debt. Like most retired professional athletes, he was broke and sleeping on his parents’ couch, looking for a way to succeed after baseball.   

Once he reinvented himself, his professional business career took off. He took those calloused baseball hands and continued to hit home runs in his personal and professional life.

His success spans multiple industries from the music industry to real estate and from online business to consulting.

Today, he coaches high-achieving business professionals and high-profile athletes who want to level up their game, helping them to 10x and even 15x their results.

A sought-after speaker with captivating stories, high energy, and a remarkable resume, David Keesee wrote Find A Way for those who are committed to winning in their business and in life. 

To find out how you can:

  • Interview David on your podcast
  • Book him as a speaker
  • Hire him to train your sales force
  • Join one of his programs
  • Apply for one-on-one coaching

Simply send an email to [email protected]. 

The Find A Way Code

The Find A Way Code is a system that is founded, created, and trademarked by David Keesee. The Find a Way Code is a way of winning in business & life that is lived by the committed few. It is the persistence, dedication, and relentless mindset that you will need along the way. You will need force. You will need power. You will need flexibility. And along that path you will need a set of tools.

  1. Speed—Getting clear on purpose
  2. Consistency—Mental toughness and discipline
  3. Power—Ability to get results on demand
  4. Influence—To persuade and communicate powerfully
  5. Structure—A crew and framework to operate from

This path works for business owners, salespeople, athletes, or anyone who is a professional and trying to change their life around. Find a way is about arming you with tools and knowledge required and then weaponizing you with the skills and strategies necessary to achieve ANYTHING in your life. When you master the art and science of finding a way, anything is possible.

What Does David Teach?

The Origins Of Find A Way

David's Mission


For the last decade, David has been inspiring, training and coaching Salespeople, Business Owners and Team leaders to higher levels of Impact, Influence & Income. He is the Founder and CEO of Sales Impact Academy & The Find A Way Movement. He's done over 3,000 coaching sessions and trained over 30,000 business owners and salespeople to higher levels of performance, purpose and production. With his proven philosophies, he continues to share advice on how to achieve more in your business & life with thousands of committed high achievers every year. In these trainings he has been able to help his coaching clients grow from an average of $61,594 a year to over $674,332 a year while building a life they love.