"What is possible for you is endless. 

What is stopping you is just an illusion."

David Keesee

What is possible for you is endless. What is stopping you is just an illusion.

Find A Way.

When I was a young boy, around four years old, I was sitting in front of the television watching the Los Angeles Dodgers play the Oakland Athletics. I remember the exact moment that I said to myself, That's what I want to do when I grow up. I want to play baseball forever. I'm going to be a professional baseball player! 

And so began my journey. I started playing baseball. Lots of baseball! I played Little League, and my name was on the roster of five different teams at one time. I remember many, many weekends when my parents would round up five different uniforms for five different teams, then throw me in the back of the car. We’d start in the morning, I would play baseball all day long, and come home late at night. 

That was essentially my childhood. 

The only time I really wasn't playing for a team was when I hung out with my best friend Bryan. We were either playing baseball, soccer, basketball, video games, or some other competitive endeavor. Growing up, my life was all about competing and finding a way to win at everything. 

And so oI began my journey of finding a way began.

Through high school.

Into college. 

and then to the professional level. 

After playing 6 years profesional baseball, my life came crashing to a halt. 

I fell into what I call "The Slump" of life. I fell into a deep depression, was sleeping on my parent's couch, suicidal, broke, and borrowing money from family. 

Lost, confused, and alone...I picked myself up and began to reinvent myself. 

I began in the world of business by started my first online business. It did ok. But was not the greatness level that I had been seeking my entire journey with baseball.

After changing directions, I stepped into the world of Real Estate sales. This seemed like the thing to do since I had come from a family of Real Estate professionals and was very familiar with the industry and business. 

Again, I did well but didn't find that greatness factor that I had been seeking. 

Then I shifted over to the world of personal development. Like a monk on retreat, I began to go on a journey of mastering influence, persuasion, performance, and production inside the sales and business world. 

I practiced for hours and hours on end mastering the art of selling, marketing, and leadership. 

The better I got, the more my income started to explode. 

Soon I was making 6 figures a month and breaking sales records for the company.

I then transitioned into running the entire sales division of 50 salespeople who crushed sales goals month after month. I began coaching and training them and watching their results explode the same as mine had. 

And then...it happened. 

I stepped on stage for the first time.

It was a natural experience for me and something that I KNEW was my calling. 

As I continued my career I began traveling the country coaching and training over 30,000 business owners and salespeople looking to make more money, grow the businesses, and live the lives they want. 

Over the next 3 years would build a million-dollar coaching business changing the lives of thousands by helping them become unstoppable in their businesses and lives. 


Today, I continue the journey of helping people reach the highest levels of power, performance, persuasion, production, and peace of mind in their lives. 

With this movement, I've been fortunate to help my average student increase their income to over $647,000 a year while living an amazing life. 

What About You?

If after reading this, if you believe my company can help you improve your life and or grow your business, and replicate what my students and I have done...

Consider looking at one of our programs. We strive to have the best programs out there and we won't stop until there is no argument that the Find A Way programs are where you go when you want to be the best of the best.





David Keesee is...…




Who Does David Coach?

Elite Business Owners

"He's helped me make a very successful business for myself and a much better financial future." 

—Tim Stout, Real Estate Agent, Investor & Coach

Pro Athletes

"David gave me the unfair advantage on the field by helping me master my approach and mindset."

—Tyrone Taylor, Milwaukee Brewers

United States Military 

"A large part of my mental toughness comes from the years of working with David. He's more than a coach, he's a mentor. He's a brother."

—Austin Aldrich, USMC

What Does David Teach?

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