Coming from a family of Real Estate professionals, David has been a speaker, coach, and trainer in the Real Estate industry for over 10 years and is the best-selling author of the book, "Find a Way". He’s personally done over 4,000 coaching sessions and trained over 40,000 real estate experts. By teaching the strategies and skills in his program, David has helped his clients raise their incomes from $42,000 to over $674,327 in GCI. David’s vision is for every Real Estate Expert to unlock and step into their full potential to achieve the growth they desire.


Hiring David to Speak

"Powerfully authentic, inspiringly genuine, compelling, and supercharged." 

David is able to deliver his message in a way that is simple to understand and easy to implement immediately.

He has shared the stage numerous times with some of the most elite names in world.

David has addressed audiences of 20 to well over 5,000 sharing his message.

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Life Before Real Estate...

Before coaching and training over 40,000 Real Estate professionals, David was a professional baseball player for 6 years. Selling Real Estate in the offseason, David spent his days moving inventory and training for the seasons.Ā 

Before Real Estate, David was also a professional songwriter. Coming from a family of musicians he used his talents to write songs for Dr. Dre and Warner Brothers as a staff writer.Ā 


Today, David can be found touring around North America speaking, training, and inspiringĀ Real Estate professionals to reach the highest levels of success in their businesses & lives with his proven frameworks for success.Ā 

David currently resides in Los Angeles with his partner Taylor and 2 puppies Koda and Henry.

Would you like to take your business & life to the next level? 

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