David Keesee Story

David Keesee is a transformational business strategist and human performance specialist; dedicated to helping people with his inspirational & enlightening approach to business growth and personal transformation.

He is an international bestselling author of the book 'Find A. Way'. His success spans multiple industries from the music industry to real estate and from online business to consulting.

He is also a former professional athlete. Since retiring from professional sports, he's trained, coached, and lead over 30,000 business owners to higher levels of performance, persuasion, and production. Today, he coaches high-achieving business professionals and high-profile athletes who want to level up their game, helping them to 10x and even 15x their results.

A sought-after speaker with captivating stories, high energy, and a remarkable resume, David Keesee wrote Find A Way for those who are committed to winning in their business and in life. 


"What is possible for you is endless. 

What is stopping you is just an illusion."

David Keesee

David's Mission

Unlocking professional's talent to achieve the goals they desire.

David's Core Values

Develop Elite Level Skill Sets

Business is like an elite professional sport. We believe in developing and conditioning your skill sets to win. Not just information-based "training."

Create an Unstoppable Mind

Your mind is the engine that runs your business & life. At each stage of your journey will require another level of perspective and toughness.

Execute with Relentless Discipline

Discipline is the power that will never leave your side. The results of the day in day out execution is what separates the best from the rest.

Make Business & Life Simple, Easy & Fun

Business and life can be a tough road for a leader. A lonely one. That's why we believe in giving you the tools to streamline the process and simplify it all.

Hiring David to Speak

"Powerfully authentic, inspiringly genuine, compelling, and supercharged." 

David is able to deliver his message in a way that is simple to understand and easy to implement immediately.

He has shared the stage numerous times with some of the most elite names in world.

David has addressed audiences of 20 to well over 5,000 sharing his message.

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