David Keesee an Author, Real Estate Coach & Sales Trainer 

Having survived a near death experience, battled his way into professional baseball, and having to reinvent himself into the sales and business world from scratch, David’s ability to conquer the odds is second to none.

David’s appeal lies in drawing from his own experiences and mastery along his journey to  equip his clients with the tools and capabilities to break through barriers, unlock their true potential and become unstoppable. 

"What's possible for you is endless and what is stopping you is just in your head."

-David Keesee

Throughout his younger years, David took up sports and became an athlete, which initially led him to become a professional baseball player. He played six years before that all came to an end.

Broke, broken and lost after baseball, he struggled with depression and finding a way to reinvent himself in his new life of business & sales. 

David quickly discovered his natural aptitude for sales, and over the next few years in business and sales- mindset & influence mastery as the keys to success became his passion.

Throughout his 30s he helped build and scale businesses to millions of dollars a year in revenue, trained over 30,000 people on the process, and personally coached over 3,000 one on one. After multiple mentors and major life lessons, in 2016 David began a coaching company based around education, training, and support, which was eventually self-titled David Keesee.

Today, David can be found touring around North America speaking, training, and inspiring people to reach the highest levels of success in their business & lives with his proven frameworks for success. 

David is also well-known for his high-performance coaching and life-changing wisdom and advice which has reached tens of thousands of people around North America.

David currently resides in Los Angeles with his partner Taylor and 2 puppies Koda and Henry.

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