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Anchors & Engines

Apr 16, 2021
David Keesee
Anchors & Engines

I've been really fascinated by this idea of anchors and engines, lately, anchors, and engines meaning, you know, there just seems to be some things that when we collide with them when we align with them. They're either an anchor, or an engine. And I suspect sometimes they're, they can be neither right they can be neither an anchor or an engine and just be neutral. But the thing, the reason I'm making this this little training for you right now is because likely there's, there's things that you've been aligning with that are either your engine they propel you wham, they just make you go they inspire you, there's just this freedom, there's this flow there's this Easy Effortless energy. That just helps you get in the zone. And then there's other things that you will align with, and even though you want them in your life or even though, you want that kind of strategy. It's an anchor. Now I don't just mean people right some people may be listening to this and thinking, Well, you know, are you are you saying that you know, there's people in your life that are anchor yes I am, but that's not the only thing that I'm referring to, there's, there are people right there are some coaches that they may be great coaches, but when you get into their vortex into their world into their you align with them, they become an anchor to you. And so you may be with that coach and thinking why they they obviously have other successful people, why is it not working for me. And that's just because for you they're an anchor, even though it's well intentioned anchor is not necessarily a negative term it's just there's something about them that doesn't align with you. Does it mean that coaching doesn't work, of course not. I'm sure they have successful clients, I'm sure that other people align with that energy and bam, they take off, but it's not just people, it's other things too, right, it might be anything from the clothes you wear to the car you have to the perspective that you decide to take on on a given situation to a CRM that you get, you might have a certain CRM for your email list and it's just degrading it just hold you right where you're at, you can't break free. And I want you to consider that if you just take this my intention, there's other things that you get when it just takes off like the CRM that I got for my business, I got that probably four or five years ago and I haven't changed it. And even though all these amazing things come out in these landing pages I will move, and I will move because it's such an engine of my business, that it propels me forward that yes it may not be the better one, but it works for me and it is a solid engine inside my life. The woman I'm with, she's an engine, just getting in her energy field gets me inspired it gets me happy, it gets me motivated where there's other people that I've dated in my life where I get around them and like, there's just something it's not that they're bad people, they're obviously great people, but for some reason it just, it just, it's like an anchor. So, it might even be a strategy right some people like to work inside of a journal. Some people like to work on site their notes section inside their Mac Book One could be an anchor one could be an engine one inspires you and keeps you in action and keeps you free and flowing and the other one doesn't, I don't know what it is for you and I'm not here to dictate and tell you what it is, the journey my friend is for you to figure out, are there any anchors in my life, people, things, perspectives, strategies that I'm doing that if I'm being honest, it may work for somebody else, but for me it's an anchor. And are there things that are engines. If you can surround yourself with people that propel you forward if you can surround yourself and do strategies and have perspectives and a lifestyle and a business that drives you forward. It's game set match my friend. Get in alignment, find the engines in your life, and watch your life take off and go to the next level.


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