How To Master The Art of Selling & Marketing In Real Estate So You Can Ultimately Dominate Your Marketplace Building a Scaleable, AND Profitable Business- Without Burning Out!

You need real straight to the point advice and world-class training to reach the next level in your business & life. Meet your new coach!

DAVID KEESEE IS A MASTER INFLUENCE & SALES COACH, TRAINER AND SPEAKER. For the last decade, David has been inspiring, training and Real Estate Professionals, managers, team leaders and teams to higher levels of purpose, production and income. He is the Founder  of Sales Impact Academy and CEO of He's done over 3,000 coaching sessions and trained over 30,000  Professionals to higher levels of performance, purpose and production. With his proven philosophies, he continues to share advice on how to achieve in more in your business & life with thousands of Real Estate Agents every year. In these trainings he has been able to help his clients grow from an average GCI of $61,594 a year to over $674,332 a year.

Let David help you:

  • Get unstuck, breakthrough production plateaus, and get the EXACT strategies and skills you need to dominate your market.
  • Implement the proven principles shown to help you increase your influence, impact and income.
  • Generate hot motivated leads more consistently
  • Convert more leads into appointments daily.
  • Improve your presentation process and skills toget more contracts signed and make more sales.
  • Double your level of motivation and inspiration in the business to make it fun again.

'David is the front line when it comes to selling & marketing training. His Modern Sales Process is untouchable."

Joy Reznick, Broker/Owner Aviara Real Estate

You know you deserve more, right?

I mean, you’re putting in the time and you’ve got what it takes.

It’s just that sometimes, you just need help to get there. Here's how you know if you need a coach to guide you to get to the next level. 

Let's FACE IT, you've been working too long (and too hard!) for too little.
Is that harsh to say?

I don't think so. I think it's HONEST.

Often, the first step to a BIG BREAKTHROUGH is being REAL. 

It's about facing reality and stirring up your AMBITION to IMPROVE your business & life, right now.

It's also about realizing you'll need HELP to reach the next level of success in life. 

Just like athletes need a coach to improve, YOU need a coach to see your actions, show you a better way, keep you on track, and ultimately quantum leap your results.

That's why this day and this moment is important for you. 

Today, I'm offering to coach you and train you on the very same principles and production strategies I've taught to the top 1% of agents in our industry, team leaders and their teams.

I bring something unique to the table: 10 years of practicing what I preach, research, proven results with my personal coaching clients, and thousands of happy students, that SHOWS without a doubt my coaching and training can improve your sales and production.

I'm here for you, saying:

“Hey, let me help you and keep you on the right track every month. Let me challenge you and help you grow. Let me help you develop the mindset, habits, and personal power required to grow your business, change your life and live your dreams. I'm here for you, every month. Let's do this!”

But listen...

Today, I'm not asking you to trust me.

I'm asking you to TRUST that voice inside -- that feeling in your gut -- that says it's time for you to LEVEL UP in life. 

It's time to clarify your purpose - at THIS STAGE of your life - and boldly adjust your mindset, habits, and focus so that you can achieve more in your business & have more fulfillment and freedom in life.

You just have to signup to be part of my Sales Impact Monthly Coaching program. 

What is it?

Every month, I go live online and coach and train our community of professionals on how to reach success in their business. They get the unfair advantage of the latest strategies, research and tools that help them pass their competitors and design their dream business and life.

You can signup now and cancel anytime.

You can make a change in your life RIGHT NOW. 


Today, you get to choose a coach who has impacted tens of thousands Real Estate professionals, coached many of the top 1% of in their marketplaces to 15X their businesses, trained brokers and team leaders, pioneered The New Modern Sales Process, and been named top 40 under 40 coaches and trainers.

People must pay $20,000 a year to work with David individually. You get David as YOUR virtual business coach in this group coaching program, starting right now for just $67 per month!

Get Coached by David, and You Receive:

Important Message from David!

Why this program can change your life and career forever!


"To say that David Keesee is a master at teaching sales & marketing is an understatement. He's an absolute Jedi." 

Ric Salazar, Keller Williams 



Choose The Plan That Works Best For You and Start Growing Your Business Faster Today!




LIVE Sales & Business Coaching with David & this community every month

Free replays and recorded sessions

Business Breakthrough Sessions Course ($497 VALUE)

Free 1 on 1 Consultation ($497 VALUE) 





EVERYTHING in standard PLUS...

David's Exclusive 5 week Sales Impact Academy Course ($997 VALUE)

2 Complimentary tickets to a LIVE David Keesee Seminar of your choice ($997 VALUE) 


This can be YOUR new coach!

David cares about the success of his clients. I've gotten more out of this than all the other coaches out there! —Ken Mitchell, Keller Williams

"I made over $100,000 within the first couple of months of working with him." —Aaron Derbacher, Compass 

"I don't know what more you could ask for in a coaching program —Dore Baker, Aviara Real Estate

You can feel that he really cares. That's what I love most about David."—Tricia Garcia

No coach has ever motivated me like David. When I saw him speak, I knew he was just different. AFter being with him for 6 months now, I've had my first $100,000 month in Real Estate —Craig Burritt, Aviara Real Estate

"I can honestly say, I will coach with him forever. " —Linn Holdhusen, Keller Williams

'He's helped me make a business out of me and helped me create a better financial future."

Tim Stout, Team Leader


Who Gets Coaching?
People ready for change. People committed to mastery and reaching their goals. People who want a proven path to success.

From new agents to top producing veterans, this program has been a game changer for people looking to succeed at bringing their goals and dreams to life.  You can achieve your goals faster. You can find another level of success and income. You just need coaching from a professional to level up and take the life you deserve. You just need consistent instruction and a qualified coach and inspiring community. That's what Sales Impact Monthly Coaching gives you.


The Industry's #1 Persuasion & Influence Coach. Yours ever month, just $67/month.

Private clients must pay $20,000 per year to work with David one-on-one. You get him LIVE EVERY month for TWO HOURS in this exclusive group coaching program


How To Master The Art of Selling & Marketing In Real Estate So You Can Ultimately Dominate Your Marketplace Building a Scaleable, AND Profitable Business- Without Burning Out!


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