A 3 day intensive and by application or invite-only experience that will skyrocket your business & life 

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If you are...

Stuck & your production growth isn’t where it needs to be

Meaning...Numerous plans and strategies haven’t helped you increase your sales year over year...

Working too much for too little...

And you find yourself spending more and more time working in your business rather than being a business owner.

Under-performing across your business & life

And have bottlenecks and process issues that have prevented your business from reaching peak performance.

Then The Camp is exactly what you need!

What if you could:

  • Thrive regardless of the market conditions in a peak performance mindset that is vital to growing a successful business...
  • Adopt the exact planning techniques used by million-dollar agents in your marketplace...
  • Strategically plan and implement impactful online and offline marketing campaigns that increase leads and convert more buyers and sellers...
  • Apply a proven sales process that will skyrocket your closing ratio and commissions...
  • Become an unstoppable confident agent that your team will rally behind, and your clients will follow...

"This is one of my favorite events by my favorite coach! I bring as many of my agents as I can every year!"


-Melissa Sofia, Broker/Owner of The Avenue Home Collective

Massive business & life growth is possible with the right strategies, the right plan, and the right skillsets...

"Real Estate sales growth relies on the mastery of skills, strategy, execution, and mindset....and mastery is what I will teach you at the camp."

-David Keesee

"I have 15X'd my business from the things I've learned at The Camp with coach David Keesee. Every time I go, I see an immediate impact on my business."


-Tim Stout, Real Estate Broker & Team Leader

What will you learn at The Camp?

PLANNING- Creating your new future starts today

  •  Learn how to predictably grow your business through the 5 phases of FAST sales growth.
  •  Learn and execute the strategies that create a steady flow of leads through content and storytelling.
  •  Develop a deep understanding of the foundations of scaling your business.
  •  Implement a peak performance plan that is fool-proof and designed for you to outproduce your competition.

PSYCHOLOGY- The mindset masterclass

  •  Unlock next-level performance by becoming the master of your mind.
  •  Learn how to find the right people who will drive you to your goal.
  •  The Social Media Blueprint and how it can accelerate your business’s growth.
  •  The most comprehensive and proven system for deploying profitable facebook ads.
  •  Creating a core message that attracts your ideal client.

PRODUCTIVITY- The ultimate execution workshop

  •  The numbers every successful business owner must master.
  •  The 2022 business plan to follow for the new world of real estate.
  •  time management and productivity secrets of top producing agents.
  •  Set yourself elite level standards – stories from leaders that are changing the way business is done.
  •  The key factors in finding and creating relationships with joint ventures that will catapult your business. 

PERSUASION- The highest quality sales skills training in the industry…guaranteed! 

  •  The art and science of influence and persuasion.
  •  The only sales & marketing process you'll ever need to skyrocket your sales predictably.
  •  A live sales process demonstration that will unlock any objections you encounter.

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