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The 3-Day Personal Transformational Event with David Keesee

The Camp is a 3-day advanced personal and professional development bootcamp for the committed who want to build an empire and live an extraordinary life. It is an experience unlike any in the industry proven to help you develop the skills that lead to real change in your business & life. Where do achievers go to master their mindset, accelerate their personal growth, and learn the latest strategies, skills and tools 100% proven to get you to have a breakthrough?  Only one place: The Camp

In three transformational days, you’ll learn new insights, skills and habits to dramatically improve your mindset, business and relationships. 


Experience what it's like to develop the elite skill level of the top 1% in our industry that will allow you to add tens of thousands of dollars to your income every single month. Sales Impact Academy gives you the tools and the strategies and then helps you actually develop the skills NECESSARY for producing more and making more money. 

What are the latest direct marketing techniques to help you generate and convert leads into appointments and sales? 

What are the daily and weekly things you should be doing to predictably grow your business month after month? 

Sales Impact Academy is hands down the best event in the industry for you learning how to sell and market your business.

"An Experience For Your Business Like No Other."

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Tim Stout

"I've been to many seminars in the past. I've never taken notes like I have at this one. I've got a whole journal slapped full of gold." 

Dore Baker

"Some of the best content I've seen. I don't know what more you could ask for in a program."

Ricardo Salazar

"To say that David Keesee is a master of sales and persuasion is an understatement. He's an absolute Jedi."